The Original Headgear



Product Description:

  • 4 vinyl head straps for stability

  • Snap chin strap closure

  • Lightweight foam ear guard

  • Adjust once for quick and easy use

  • Easily cleaned

  • Minimum sound blocking

  • High level of comfort and protection

The Original Headgear is a lightweight foam ear guard with a strengthened, inner shell made from state‐of‐the‐art composite polycarbonate for a stronger,  lighter headgear that is built to last. 5-Strap design. Removable, chin strap pad. Great for maximum protection and comfort with minimum sound blocking.

Cleaning Instructions: Fill a small bowl with warm water and mix in detergent. Dampen a clean cloth with the detergent mixture and use it to wipe the inside and outside of headgear. Do not fully submerge the headgear. Wipe excess water with a clean dry cloth and hang to fully air dry.