Formed in 1969 in the founders garage, Matman U.S.A., formerly Matman Wrestling Co., was born. We are still a small business focused on servicing our wrestling and combat sports communities. With just under 15 employees, we service individuals, teams and businesses. Small to large quantities we work with you and your needs to provide the highest quality of goods and service.

Matman U.S.A. sews our own apparel, both stock and custom. We have an in-house production department that consists of cutters, sewers, sublimators, and production artists. We cut the fabric, design and print custom designs, sublimate the material and sew the garments here in our facility in Lakewood, Washington. This allows us to provide the utmost quality and service for our customers.

Matman U.S.A.'s products have been used in 6 of the past Olympic Games and have fully equipped the U.S.A. wrestling teams, as well as 30 international teams.

1988 Seoul Olympics, 1992 Barcelona Olympics, 1996 Atlanta Olympics, 2000 Sydney Olympics, 2004 Athens Olympics, 2008 Beijing Olympics

Oklahoma State, Northern Iowa, Edinboro University, University Minnesota, Thousands of High Schools, Middle Schools and Wrestling Clubs both domestic and international

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After a long business career I retired and found that I was still interested in business.  The opportunity to buy Matman Wrestling Co. crossed my path and has been a joy for me to be involved in.  It allows me the opportunity to work, be challenged, but does not take so much time that I cannot be available for the other things in life. In my case golfing and fishing.

Matman, for over 50 years, has done a great job of supplying American sewn singlets and apparel in the U.S. at a time when most uniforms are made overseas. Our U.S.A. quality is hard to match as our customers will attest to.

Our sewing team is primarily South Korean and it makes Matman unique in that they are very hard working and have an impeccable attention to detail, which makes all the difference in our products. They are bilingual and teach us Korean and share their lunchroom delicacies from their unique culture. Most of them have been here at Matman for 20 plus years

In the past we always sold wholesale to dealers, who in turn sold our products to schools and wrestling teams and individuals. As the retail world has moved from brick and mortar to more online we have made a shift to better serve all our customers. We now are also available here on our website, Amazon, Walmart and Ebay. We freely encourage our customers and dealers to reach out to us, either by phone or email, both available on our Contact Us page.

We really hope you enjoy our products, now and in the future.

Ed Zittel