The Halo Headgear



EASY TO ADJUST - Matman's got you covered, easily adjustable straps help customize the ideal fit for maximum protection and comfort. Perfect for daily grappling and competition. The adjustable straps offer peace of mind so you can focus on the competition. 

FLEXIBLE PLASTIC - The Halo Headgear features a hard flexible plastic outside, soft padding inside, and a covered chin strap for complete comfort and protection. 

EXCEPTIONAL SOUND CLARITY - Designed with minimal sound blocking ear cups, The Halo Headgear allows complete awareness of surroundings and opponent's moves. This sleek low-profile design offers a defense against opponents who grab when wrestling.

CLEAN AND DURABLE - The smooth outer plastic is easily cleaned by gently wiping the headgear down with a wet wipe or damp towel. 

AMERICAN COMPANY - Matman has been a retailer of quality athletic goods and apparel for over 50 years.